“What a lovely lady. She spent almost an hour helping to explain how keywords work and how you can get into smaller categories and therefore boost your chances of getting ranked higher. It’s amazing how much help is out there at the click of a button, we just need to be brave enough to ask.”  Jann Weeratungaauthor of Polly’s Piralympics


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Raging Falcon

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“I am grateful for the SEO coaching I received from Vicki Goodwin recently. I knew that reflectionsSearch Engine Optimization is important to the growth of your blog, but I didn’t understand how to implement it. Vicki provided the necessary direction to improve the visibility of my blog site, Words To Captivate,, by strategically adding links to previous posts, adding identifiers to image titles and to create more effective tags.
After just ten days, there has been a noticeable improvement in traffic. I’ll provide some stats for three markers below. The “before” numbers are for the ten-day period before I made any changes. The “after” numbers are for the ten-day period since I began implementing Vicki’s SEO suggestions.
VIEWS:  (Before = Avg. 31.0/day)  (After = Avg. 39.7/day)        Increase: avg. 8.7/day
VISITORS: (Before = Avg. 16.5/day)  (After = Avg. 25.2/day)    Increase: Avg. 8.7/day
NEW FOLLOWERS: (Before = Avg. 1.8/day)  (After = Avg. 2.6/day) Increase: Avg. .8/day
I heartily recommend this service provided by Vicki. I am using her techniques with every new post I publish and I’m gradually revising older posts to raise their visibility as well. I fully expect these upward trends to continue and increase.”    John Fioravanti, author of Reflections