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Hi, I ‘m Vicki the person behind Indie Adventurz.  I named it Indie Adventurz because my heart is engaged in authors that need answers.  Especially Indie authors but not exclusively so. I am on this adventure with you and truly want to help you find the secrets that are not readily available to indies.

When you need a question answered or some research on a problem you’re grappling with, then go no further than Indie Adventurz.  I am here to help you make your writing career amazing. I love to research and I love sharing what I have learned.  Allow me to help you on those confusing topics, like Amazon algorithms, Amazon secrets, SEO tips, Google tidbits, and self-publishing marketing.


One Simple Mistake That Hurts New and Established Authors.

We, as authors love to pass along our links. It is how we have been taught to publicize our work. We want to make our books and profile pages readily available. You have been told correct information. Product or book links and sharing media links are very important.  What might not have been explained, is the way to share these links. Many authors, both new and established have been known to make a seemingly small, but very damaging mistake.


Thank you Vicki Turner Goodwin

Kid's Books Without Borders

I just had the most amazing chat to Vicki Turner Goodwin on Facebook about keywords for Amazon. Do we know each other? Well, we didn’t, but I feel we are one step closer to knowing each other now.vicki Turner Goodwin

What a lovely lady. She spent almost an hour helping to explain how keywords work and how you can get into smaller categories and therefore boost your chances of getting ranked higher.

It’s amazing how much help is out there at the click of a button, we just need to be brave enough to ask.

Thank you so much Vicki, I’m going into Createspace as soon as I have posted this blog, to try out your suggestions. Chat again soon.

Oh and don’t forget, we must have our dreams to be able to reach for the stars. see you in ZA soon.

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