Hi, I ‘m Vicki the person behind Indie Adventurz.  I named it Indie Adventurz because my heart is engaged in authors that need answers.  Especially Indie authors but not exclusively so. I am on this adventure with you and truly want to help you find the secrets that are not readily available to indies.

When you need a question answered or some research on a problem you’re grappling with, then go no further than Indie Adventurz.  I am here to help you make your writing career amazing. I love to research and I love sharing what I have learned.  Allow me to help you on those confusing topics, like Amazon algorithms, Amazon secrets, SEO tips, Google tidbits, and self-publishing marketing.

Bring me your concerns and I will find the answers.

Thank you for stopping in and seeing what I am offering. Most of my services are free. Questions are certainly free and what I charge for is an hour-long consultation with results. I will stay with you, on phone, skype, Facetime, or chat, until you get the problem in hand.  Many customers come to me for specific needs on their own author sites. I will research the host so that I am able to answer your questions and help you through. If I am not able to assist you, I will never charge.

This is one way I can give back to other Indies that have shared information with me.  I am a bit of a research junkie, so I am always pushing my knowledge boundaries and you are the beneficiary of that thirst for knowledge.

I can be reached anytime at  Please address your message as Indie Adventures so that I recognize it and answer right away.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me.  I am so glad you did. I hope we have a wonderful partnership together.

Topics I am willing to address.

I am willing to work on almost any Indie topic, book launches, proofreaders dos and don’ts, Self-publishing tips, Amazon, Google, Marketing. Promotions, Writing opportunities, Contests, Facebook Groups and pages that help Indies, Magazines looking for indie authors.  Creative marketing ideas, Creative promotional ideas. The list is long and I promise you my complete attention and assistance.

Give me a try!  I want you to succeed.  I want you to succeed without stress.


Thank you, I will be in touch!

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